Spiegler Custom Front Brake Lines

I ordered some new custom braided stainless steel front brake lines in from Spiegler USA. I went with black lines, black fittings, and black banjo bolts so that it would blend in with the rest of the bike as well as the factory throttle cables for a subtle look. I went with one line to the right caliper and then another line from there over to the left caliper because i think it looks cleaner. The thing i like about these lines is the fitting at the ends is not bulky like the typical lines you can get from Russell or Goodrich. The top line is 34" and the caliper to caliper line is 20" (which fit like a glove!). The whole kit cost me $150 shipped to my door from Spiegler. There is a little over 3/8" clearance from the sides of the fender to the line (about 1" on top). The ability to modulate the front brakes is much better than with the old factory lines. I also didn't notice any movement on the caliper to caliper line due to the wind (its pretty stiff even when you try to move it with your hand). I've seen several other warriors with this line routing and they haven't reported any troubles. I'm sure if there's any un-equal pressure between calipers that it would still be better braking capabilities than if i ran just one caliper/rotor as a lot of custom bikes do.

There's not really part numbers for the two lines since they are "built to customer's specifications" but i can give you what i told them...
First line (MC to right caliper) is 864mm (from center of one fitting to the center of the other) with "Type 000" fitting on both ends. Second line (right caliper to left caliper) is 508mm (from center of one fitting to the center of the other) with "Type 000" fitting on both ends. I got the fitting type from their website. Then there is 1 black double banjo bolt (for right caliper): 20-00102-15. And 2 regular black banjo bolts: 20-00002-15. The banjo bolts come with the crush washers. The two lines were $119.95, the double banjo bolt was $6.90, and the two regular banjo bolts were $11.80 ($5.90 x 2). Shipping was $10.50, for a total of $149.15. I just called and talked to someone at Spiegler, told them what bike i had and what i wanted to do, and they put the kit together for me with my line lengths, fitting specs, and color specs. Keep in mind that i have the Baron Bomber bars, so those of you with longer bars would need to measure the long line for your particular bike. I used 18 gauge solid core electrical wire that i had laying around in the garage to get the right length for the route i was wanting to take.

FYI... before installing the Spiegler lines, I fabricated a simple bracket to use the stock front brake lines with the 6-degree trees.

Brazeau Racing - Road Star Warrior