Front Brake Line Bracket

When I purchased some C&S Custom 6-degree triple trees (via Cycle Image), I read through the forum to see what would be necessary to install them. Everyone seemed to mention the need to modify the existing brake line bracket that hangs underneath the headlight. After installing the trees, I realized that there was no clean way to modify the existing bracket so I just cut it off the headlight bracket (then sanded and repainted the headlight bracket black), and made a new brake line bracket that was very simple and looks really clean. It's made out of simple 3/4" flat aluminum strip that I had laying around my garage (you can get this from most hardware stores) and a small stainless steel machine screw, lock washer, and nut to hold the T in place. The trick is to bend the aluminum strip in a vise at an angle so that it positions the brake line T in the same spot as the factory bracket does (offset to the right of the bike). My first attempt at this bracket came straight down from the right headlight bolt, and even though it's still offset to the right, it's not offset enough, so this makes the left side line look too long. This second attempt (bent at an angle) worked perfect. I rounded the two ends off with a belt sander and then "brushed" the front face of the bracket in the same grain direction as the trees with some Scotchbrite so that it matches and blends in nicely.

Brazeau Racing - Road Star Warrior