Custom Plate Light

Not wanting to fork over the cash for a billet plate frame with built-in LED lights, I tried a couple of different options and found this to be the cleanest, simplest, and cheapest solution. One of the other options I've tried was the DEI Lite-n-boltz tag bolts with built in lights. Those were okay, but since the wiring goes through the middle of the bolt, once you attach a connector to the end of the wires or solder them to the harness then you can't take the plate off (for whatever reason) without snipping the wires or the connectors off. I always wanted to use the Radiantz flexible LED arrays, but they're not available in white, so that was out too. Then while poking around on the Radiantz website, I stumbled across these stick-on 3 LED "Roachez" that were available in white, easy to install, and looks clean and simple. This option is much brighter than the Lite-n-boltz, and only cost $10.

Brazeau Racing - Road Star Warrior