Custom Rizoma Bar End Mirror

I recently purchased a Rizoma Dynamic mirror for my bike in an attempt to keep legal and safe while riding, however once installed (even at it's lowest angle), I felt it took away from the pro-street drag bike look that I have going with the bike. Well, the thing was around $75 (very high quality mirror), so it kills me for this thing to sit on the shelf for 364 days a year only to be installed during yearly inspection time. So... I got a crazy idea to use just the mirror head and turn it into a left side bar-end mirror similar to the Paul Yaffe Originals bar end mirrors! I modified a CRG bar end adapter to use as a mounting system for the Rizoma mirror in conjunction with a 3/8" OD, 1/4" ID, 1/2" long spacer and a 25mm longer bolt than what the CRG adapter kit comes with. Once I got the mounting figured out, I stripped the visible part of the bar end adapter of it's black anodizing, put a 45-degree bevel on the end of it, and brushed it to match the mirror head. The visibility from this mirror is awesome when positioned on the end of the bar. While riding, I don't see any part of my body in the mirror (not even the side of my arm!)... just a clear view of the road behind me. Even with the handlebar vibrations, I can still see pretty good. The Rizoma mirror was purchased from: The CRG bar end adapter was purchased from: The spacer was purchased from my local Lowes Hardware store ($1.15), and the longer stainless steel bolt was ordered from my local Fastenal store ($0.83).

Rizoma Dynamic Mirror:

CRG bar end adapter:

Mirror head mounted with the adapter straight out of the box for initial fitment:

Stripped, beveled, and brushed adapter with longer bolt and spacer:

Finished product:

Unobstructed view while riding:

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