Modifed Remington R1 1911 Magazines

When I purchased my Bul Armory SAS II Tac Commander, extra factory magazines were not readily available for purchase in the United States, so I purchased some Remington R1 1911 double stack 18-round magazines (same basic magazine body as the Bul magazines) and modified them to work in the Tac Commander. The only things I had to do were to increase the height of the magazine catch slot from 0.150" to 0.230" using a Dremel cut-off wheel and a small square file, and shave off just a small bit of material from the very top of the magazine to ensure that it didn't drag on the underside of the slide. With the Arredondo Plus-2 extended magazine base pads for Para/Remington magazines (also modified to fit the STI grip module with the tactical magwell), these mags hold 20 rounds and work flawlessly in my Tac Commander.

Brazeau Racing - Firearms