Flush Mounted Mini LED Front Turn Signals

These turn signals are just cheap, universal mini LED turn signals that I purchased from LuckyBike.com. They are not high quality and they are not very bright, but they fill the hole in the fairing nicely and still function as a turn signal (barely). If you're looking for highly visible, high quality turn signals, then I wouldn't recommend using these. The sides of the turn signal's bases needed to be filed down slightly so that they fit down into the turn signal hole of the fairing. The included double sided moulding tape is applied to just the back half of the turn signal's mounting surface, and they simply stick to the shallow part of the fairing's turn signal hole. They end up being slightly recessed into the hole at an angle (the need for filing the sides), but not so much that you can't see them from the front of the bike.

Brazeau Racing - Ducati 900SSie