Custom Plate Bracket and Light

I didn't like the fender eliminator that the previous owner had on the 900SSie (flimsy plastic, and hung down too low), so I made my own with some simple flat aluminum strips that I bent in a vise and drilled to mount the license plate. Also used a small white LED with a 470 ohm resitor installed in a chrome holder to light the plate (all purchased at Radioshack for $5). Total cost was around $10, and mounts the plate up nice and high to expose the rear tire (the inspection sticker and bracket has been relocated to the swingarm). No turn signals needed as the bike has the integrated taillight from Clear Alternatives installed.

Radio Shack Parts List:
5mm High-Brightness White LED (2-pack) - 276-017 - $1.99
470 ohm, 1/4W, 5%, Carbon Film Resistor (5-pack) - 271-1317 - $0.99
Chrome LED Holder - 276-080 - $1.49

Brazeau Racing - Ducati 900SSie