HID Installation

I installed an H4 HID kit from DDM Tuning on both of our Ducati's. Even though DDM sells motorcycle specific kits, I purchased the car kit, so it contained two ballasts and two bulbs (one for each bike). This kit is not a Hi/Low beam version. It is only low beam, but we very seldom do any riding at night and its more so for the cool factor than anything. The biggest obstacle of installing an HID kit on a motorcyle is where to mount the ballast. I found a great spot on the right side of the bike, and cut out a simple mounting plate from .025" thick aluminum sheet that bolts to two existing locations on the frame. The ballast is attached to the plate with the included double sided mounting tape and a large zip-tie for added security. The air duct on the inside of the fairing was cut out to make room for the ignitor that is attached to the factory wiring harness connector. This location is just the right distance away from the headlight so that there isn't a lot of extra wiring to hide, and the ballast is nicely hidden behind the fairing and still has plenty of ventilation.

Brazeau Racing - Ducati 900SSie