Motor Mount Replacement
by Kit Wetzler 5/13/2002

Did the motor mounts on my 97 M3/4 last Monday. Car is smoother and the shifter feels better. (I already have JTD tranny rings) really cleared up the gronk between 1st and 2nd... (I have a uuc short shifter). Not too hard of a job.

-a bunch of extensions (I used about 3 feet worth)
-17 mm socket
-flex joint
-breaker or cheater bar
-tall jack

1. Disconnect intake piping. (this makes it easier to reach the driver's side upper mount's bolt)

2. Put the car up on ramps. (let car cool, you are working near the hot stuff)

3. The engine mounts are pretty easy to find they are straight above the subframe.

4. Loosen the upper nut on both mounts. You will have to use all of the extensions and go in from the top. The passenger side one might be able to be done from the bottom, but you have less room and you are blind from the bottom.

5. put your favorite socket through one of the convenient holes in the control arms, and loosen the bottom nuts.

6. Remove strut tower bar if you have one.

7. Disconnect the exhaust at the header -=> midpipe flange. Probably best to remove the midpipe, but I put it on stands.

8. Very carefully lift up the engine using the jack and the 2x4. Lift it up just enough to get the mounts out, don't get completely under the car while you do this.

9. I put the block on the oil pan for the first try and the A/C compressor mount for the second. You have to lift the engine about 3-4 inches. Be very careful, there at lots of parts that can break, don't lift too fast and be sure not to lower too fast. I did the driver's side first.

10. Replace with new mounts.

11. Align new mounts. The bottom of the mount has a threaded stud and a little alignment nub, make nub is properly seated.

12. Slowly lower the engine until drops onto the upper studs.

13. Torque the bolts, replace intake piping. you're done.

hope that helps someone... My car puts out about 50 ft lbs more than a normal e36 m3, so that may have hastened the demise of my mounts. They were just a little cracked around the edges but it made a decent difference in NVH, and shifting, and throttle on/off.