Race Report 2005 - Round 9

Date: November 6, 2005
Venue: Dolaca Motorplex - Brownfield, TX
Results: 1st in Class (2 total), 5th in Street Tire (16 total), and 9th Overall (27 total)

Another great event at Dolaca Motorplex to end the 2005 season.  My course design turned out to be a good one that everyone seemed to enjoy.  Since I already had the 2005 Championship clinched at the last event, I decided to just go to this event on my 5 year old Michilen street tires and stock wheels to just run for fun.  I was able to take the win in my class, but I came in 5th in Street Tire and 9th overall.  There is a major difference between running on racing tires and running on street tires (especially OLD street tires!).  I had to take it really easy while on the street tires as it was very loose and slippery with them, but I still had a lot of fun.

I'll be taking the 2006 season off because, honestly, I just need a break from racing and organizing the club's events.  I plan on returning for the 2007 season, but it definitely won't be a full-force Championship winning effort... probably just 5 or 6 local events at my favorite venues, and maybe one National Tour or Divisional event.  I'm actually planning on getting some Falken RT-615 street tires in 255/40R17 for my Kosei wheels and running in the STU class when I return.