Race Report 2005 - Round 2

Date: March 20, 2005
Venue: Miller Field - Dalhart, TX
Results: 1st in Class (3 total), 1st Overall (21 total)

I designed the course for this event and wanted to make it as open and fast as possible (while still keeping it safe).  However when we arrived at Miller Field, half of our normal usable course area was blocked by farm equipment that was there for an auction.  So... I just made due and shortened my course to accomodate, and it still turned out really well! 

The car ran and handled great, and I was able to win my class as well as take 1st place overall.  This was especially rewarding for me as there was my usual competition (Steve Sucsy in his A-Stock Honda S2000) who I was not able to beat overall much at all last year, as well as Jeff Maddox in his 125cc shifter kart!  In the past, the 125cc shifter karts always took top honors at every single event that they competed in because they are just so friggin fast, so beating one PAX is a real accomplishment for me. 

Unfortunately, I injured my back a few days before the event, and attending this event aggrevated the injury pretty badly, so I'm not attending the next event so that I can give my back time to heal.  This will force me to run at Kimbrough Stadium again this year in an attempt to acquire enough points to win the 2005 Championship.