Race Report 2005 - Round 1

Date: February 20, 2005
Venue: Kimbrough Stadium - Canyon, TX
Results: 2nd in Class (2 total), 4th Overall (26 total)

I usually don't compete at Kimbrough Stadium because it's a very small venue that has some loose gravel.  So it's not a fun venue, and it tears up the tires and paint.  However, with our venue dilemas this year we will be running at Kimbrough Stadium 3 times this year and I would have to attend at least one event there to acquire enough points to win the Championship again this year.  Benjamin Hampton was nice enough to let me co-drive his Miata so that I could get some points.  The course was ridiculously slow and tight.  Some cars had trouble physically getting through a few turns regardless of their speed because the course was just set up way too tight (not by me!)... not fun at all.  Because I was in a small Miata, I was able to do pretty well, however I only ran 3 times and was edged out of the top three spots overall by folks that ran 6 or 9 runs (including my co-driver).  I had a good time at the event, but I'm excited to get back in the M3 on a good venue like Miller Field.