Race Report 2004 - Round 1

Date: February 29, 2004
Venue: Dolaca Motorplex - Brownfield, TX
Results: 1st in Class (2 total), 1st Overall (28 total)

Whoohoo!   After three months of going through racing withdrawals during the off-season, I was REALLY excited about starting off the 2004 season.  I did a few things to the M3 over the off-season to get it ready for this season: Eibach Pro-Kit springs to lower the car a little, increased front negative camber (yes... this is the THIRD time that I've increased the front negative camber), and new lightweight wheels with wider tires than last season.  Believe it or not, the Eibach springs actually gave the car a better ride on the street than the factory M3-GT springs I was previously using, but they still feel great on the track too.  I designed the course for this event again, and was anxious to see how the car would do.  We almost had to cancel this event, because there wasn't going to be a Solo Safety Steward there, but at the last minute Bill Threlfall decided to cancel his plans and come out so that we could have the event (Thanks Bill!).  I arrived at Dolaca Motorplex very early to set up the course with the help of Carl Brightbill and Jeff Maddox (both are F125 shifter kart drivers, but neither of them were even racing at this event... thanks guys!).  We got the event started off on time, but it was pretty cold and windy, so the conditions were not ideal for a day of racing.  We all still managed to have fun.

I was able to work during the first heat, and make my runs during the second heat (I always like running in the second heat).  Even though the temperature was colder than I would've liked, I was really happy with the way the M3 was handling with the latest modifications.  Everyone was complaining about the course being so slippery, but despite the colder temps the M3 was still sticking pretty good in the corners.  I was able to get through each run without hitting any cones, and I was also able to improved my times on each run.  With the absence of the 125cc shifter karts and Steve Sucsy (Honda S2000 in B-Stock) at this event, my biggest competition was Jimmie Huffman ('96 Ford Mustang in STX).  Although Jimmie's raw times were not as fast as mine, his PAX times were really close.  We swapped the 1st place overall position several times as we completed each of our runs.  My last run was my best, and that run got me first place in my class as well as first place overall.

The club's next event will be at Kimbrough Stadium in Canyon, TX, so I won't be competing at that one, however I may travel over to Oklahoma City on March 28th to attend a Porsche Club of America autocross event to get some seat time.  I've still got a few more modifications planned for this season, especially since the M3 is no longer my daily driver (I bought a '95 Jeep Cherokee Sport to drive everyday and to keep the miles off the M3).  First on the list is a URI underdrive crank pulley, and I still need to finish my custom oil pan project that I decided to put on hold for a few more months.  I also need to build myself a small tire trailer to pull behind the M3, just in case the Boost Performance truck and trailer aren't available during my event dates.  Hopefully, with a little luck I will be able to contend for first place in the West Texas Region Open Championship this year.