Race Report 2003 - Round 1

Date: February 23, 2003
Venue: South Plains Fairgrounds - Lubbock, TX
Results: 2nd in Class (2 total), 8th in Street Tire (31 total), 12th Overall (43 total)

For the first event of the 2003 season, I didn't do that great.   It was really cold (in the 40's) and really windy, and I had planned on experimenting with lower air pressures to compensate for the slick surface at the Lubbock Fairgrounds along with the colder temps that day, but it was SO cold that I didn't even bother messing with it because after each run I just sat inside my car to stay out of the cold.  I probably could've gone about half a second faster by tweaking with air pressures, but that would not have gotten me much better results anyway, because there were some really fast people running on street tires (regulars and newbies!).  The top 4 overall spots were taken by people using street tires!

As usual, the only other person in my class was Steve Sucsy ('00 Honda S2000) and as usual, he was on racing tires (not that racing tires at the Lubbock Fairgrounds are much of an advantage ).  Like the last two races a Lubbock, I was able to give Steve a run for his money, and would've won the class had he only run 6 runs like I did.  However, on his 9th run Steve was able to run 0.700 seconds faster than my best time of 6 runs.  Maybe if I would've played with my air pressures and ran 9 runs, I would've won?  I dunno, but I'll give it another shot on street tires at the Lubbock Fairgrounds on April 13th (9 runs this time!).