Web Site Redesign

April 2002
With a new car in the garage, the Brazeau Racing web site had to be redesigned.  At first, I wanted to make the new web site completely different, so I tried different layouts, color schemes, and even a frames version, but the fact is... I really liked the way the old Mustang web site looked.  It wasn't the fanciest, coolest, or most state of the art site on the Net, but it had an easy to navigate layout, and I liked the little car zooming by under the logo at the top of each main page.   So, I decided to make the new web site look very similar (layout, navigation, and even the logo), but with a different color scheme to go along with the color of the M3.

I kept everything on the old Mustang web site completely intact on a sub directory of the main site, because I'd put too much work into the site and there was too much good Mustang related information to just delete it all and forget about it.   However, I won't be keeping the old Mustang web site updated with new information or links, so after some time there may be some dead links throughout the site.

Hopefully, this new site will improve and expand to be even better than the old one. Check back often for race results, tech write-ups, schedule updates and to see how the M3 progresses!