Race Report 2002 - Round 6

Date: November 17, 2002
Venue: South Plains Fairgrounds - Lubbock, TX
Results: 2nd in Class (2 total), 2nd in Street Tire (29 total), 8th Overall (44 total)

Perfect weather (sunny and in the 70's), and the course was actually pretty fast and fun for being at the Lubbock fairgrounds.  The course was also pretty grippy compared to the last event when it was in the 50's and very slippery.  We had a really good turnout as well... 44 people total, with several newcomers and a few visitors from the Rio Grande Region in New Mexico.

Steve Sucsy ('00 Honda S2000) was having major troubles at the last event with the cold weather, slippery surface, and extremely worn racing tires, but he had a newer set of racing tires on this time, and the weather was much warmer, so he was running pretty good at this event.  However, while on street tires I was still able to come within 0.406 seconds of his fastest time, and his fastest time was on his ninth run (I would've won if he would've only run six runs).   He was the only person in my class, so I got 2nd place out of 2 people total. Overall, I got 8th place, and in the overall Street Tire class, I came in 2nd (but got 1st place points), so it was a pretty good day, but nothing spectacular.  I did get a "Check Engine" light during one of my runs, which turned out to be for the oxygen sensor, so looks like I'll need to replace that pretty soon.

This was the last event for the 2002 season, and I ended up in 9th place in the Open Championship, and 3rd place in the Street Tire Championship.  Not too bad for only running at 6 events for the year on street tires.  The M3 should be much more competitive during the 2003 season with the addition of racing tires and a new cat-back exhaust system (it will at least sound good! ), and I hope to go to one or two National Tours and/or Southwest Divisional events as well.